All in Feminism

Why Can't We Be Friends

Making new friends as an adult is hard work. Without instant social connections like school or activities, how does one even go about finding a new group of people to call their own? After recently making a brand new friend, I have to say it's relatively exhilarating.

Hey Ya'll

Lately I’ve begun incorporating the term ya’ll into my everyday language in an effort to help with inclusion in my place of work. It took me some lessons to get there, but here is what I’ve learned.

A Woman in _______

Despite being a proud woman in tech, I’m sick of having to identify as one. In the world of post #MeToo, why do we need to identify as a woman in blank. Can we move beyond being women in blank to simply working in a specific industry?

Growing Into Feminism

Growing up in my group of friends, none of us wanted to be labelled a feminist. In our grade school minds feminism was something from an era long ago or it meant you didn't shave your body. As I've entered my adulthood I've embraced the term and fly my feminist flag high and proud. This was my route to becoming a feminist.