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Cruel Intentions

Cruel Intentions

Every year at the beginning of the year, we all sit down and plan out our resolutions for the next year. Map out what we want to accomplish and start moving toward that goal. Some of these intentions are well-meaning but completely unrealistic. One year I remember resolving to lose 50 pounds. That would have made me 90 pounds. Unhealthy much?

This year I've decided to set out intentions instead of resolutions. I believe that resolutions mean that something needs to be changed for fixed. Intentions are goals that I wish to achieve. I've always thought that by writing something down, I'm holding myself accountable. So, dear readers, this year I want to map out my intentions to ya'll. I want to be held to this, so in 2020 (how?!?) I can look back at everything I've done in 2019 and be proud of what I accomplished.


Move More

I think 'lose x number of pounds' or 'go to the gym' is somewhat unattainable. Do I want to go to the gym more? Sure do! But, I've found that setting out a goal of losing a random number of pounds or going to the gym for however many days straight isn't always the right path to success. In the past, I've set out similar goals only to beat myself up when I don't achieve them. This is why I'm setting the intention in 2019 to move more. Move does not have to equal gym. It can mean walking to a meeting that is close by, doing a walking and coffee date with a friend instead of simply going for drinks. When I started my job two years ago, I began walking to work instead of taking the king streetcar, which is hellish on the best of days. It made me a happier person in the mornings, and I felt more productive the more I walked to work. So this year, I'm going to try to move more. Get outside more and if I don't lose any weight who cares!

Be Kinder to Yourself

I'm very hard on myself. I enjoy a level of perfection in everything I do, and when I don't achieve it, I'm pretty awful. This year is going to be all about learning life isn't perfect. This will be the year that I learn that whatever I do is good enough. I've learned over the years I'm not alone in this. I need to cut myself some slack sometimes. Stop beating myself up over things and learn how to progress instead. Everyone makes mistakes; it's now time to learn from them.

Put the Phone Down

This is something I began late last year, but I want to set it as an intention for 2019 as well. Put down the phone. Be present in your life. More and more I notice people always on their phones. Checking Instagram, texting other people. I witnessed two people having dinner, and neither of them said a word to the other. It was awkward. This year I vow to leave the phone behind once and a while. Check out what others are doing and be present in my life.


Celebrate the Small Wins

As adults, we don't celebrate enough. We celebrate large life milestones such as getting married, having a baby or getting that huge promotion but we never celebrate the small stuff — the little wins. This year is all about celebration. I've learned that by celebrating the small milestones such as finishing a work project or keeping to a fitness plan deserves a bit of party. Even if it's just a few drinks with friends or having a self-care night in celebrating the small wins helps make you happier and show that you are achieving your goals.

Turn off Work

Let's face it, we all work too hard. I will be the first to admit I'm a bit of a work-a-holic. I love my job, and I love what I do. Sometimes however I work a bit too much. I don't stop; I'm ALWAYS on. This can be bad both mentally but also on your relationships. Last year I noticed this was beginning to become a bit of a problem. I didn't log off when I should, I pushed through, and sometimes I found myself re-doing what I had done the night before. This also isn't sustainable. You cannot work 24/7. On a tight deadline then sure, stay a little later don't make it a habit. In 2019 I'm going to try to turn work off when I'm not at work. If it is a real emergency, they will call me.


Read More

I love to read. I devour books like no tomorrow, but in the last year, I've found I'm reading more for escapism and less for knowledge. I used to rotate from one fun book to one that would improve myself or my career. Recently though I'm grabbing the fun books and leaving the improvement books stacked up as a 'one day...' pile. This year is the year that I'm going to read my one day pile. To grow, I need to make myself informed and to do this I need to continue to read and learn throughout my life.

I've decided to set these intentions to help make myself a better person. Every quarter I intend to revisit them and see where I am. What needs to be changed and what am I doing well at. Doing this, I hope to enter 2020 as a happier and healthier person.

Doing your own intentions this year? Let me know as I'd love to see how others progress.

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