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Powering Down

Powering Down

Although Rihanna may work work work work work, you don't have to. No one should have to not even Rihanna. I do appreciate success, pushing forward and getting work done. It's important though to know when you need a break when it is time to shut off for at least a few hours. Burnout is a problem that runs rampant in our society. We all think we have to work hard every second of every single day. Make the top 40 list, make more money, be a success, but really what is this doing to our mental and physical health? In the past, I have been guilty of taking too much on. Too many projects, too many events and frankly I've ended up exhausted. Someone recently broke down the hours you have of free time, and when you add it all up, it's sad how little free time you have. For me, it looks like this:

Work Week: 50 hours (because let's be honest, who works an 8 hour day!)

Sleep: 49 hours (if I'm lucky)

Gym time: 8 hours (This is the one thing I do for myself)

Cooking, cleaning and other household work: 8 hours (this includes groceries, cleaning, etc...)

Volunteering/Passion Projects: 6

Time Remaining: 47 hours

We only have 168 hours a week. Subtracting everything that we want to do that only leaves us with about 6 hours a day of 'personal time,' even less than that when you account that at least a good hour or two in there is for personal hygiene, getting ready for work, etc... I don't know about ya'll, but that is a pretty low number if you ask me.


This is why this holiday season I'm advocating for us all the unplug just a little. Go to that holiday party, dance on tables, see old friends and be present in your life. I've found that when I go away and turn off my phone completely, I have a better time and feel refreshed upon my return. Is this hard? You better believe it is. I used to joke that I had separation anxiety from my email until I realized it was true. I could never really turn it off.

This upcoming year I am vowing to have more laughs, see more friends and be less of a workaholic. I'm not a doctor. No one is going to die because I didn't hit send on an email or I didn't get a project fully completed. Give yourselves a break, recognize when you are feeling burnt out and remember to build a life you want to live. You only have a few precious hours a week to chill out and relax, make sure to take advantage of them.

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