Why Can't We Be Friends

Making new friends as an adult is hard work. Without instant social connections like school or activities, how does one even go about finding a new group of people to call their own? After recently making a brand new friend, I have to say it's relatively exhilarating.

Not Today

I am a people pleaser. I love to raise my hand for new projects and to give my all into something I care about. Sometimes however you need to learn to say no. Learning to say no has been a long journey for me, but I've learned to evaluate opportunities better and know where my time and energy is needed.

Culture Creature

10 years ago you would never ask what a company's culture was. You never cared what the CEO stood for and most viewed work as a 9 to 5 that paid you at the end of the week. Company culture is now a big part of the conversation and building the right culture is something that should be top of mind for all companies.