Cruel Intentions

It's hard to believe that 2019 is upon us. We all set out intentions for the upcoming year, but we often set out expectations that are unrealistic. In 2019, lets set out expectations that are realistic, ones that help us become better people and intentions that make us happy.

Hey Ya'll

Lately I’ve begun incorporating the term ya’ll into my everyday language in an effort to help with inclusion in my place of work. It took me some lessons to get there, but here is what I’ve learned.

Oh, I Saw on Facebook...

Is social media slowly killing our friendships? I’ve recently noticed that I’m spending more and more online and less time actually having conversations with my friends and connections. Are we becoming a digital first society?

The Comparison Factor

Comparing myself to others and trying to be the best is something I’ve frequently struggled with. The more I’ve chatted with people, the more I’ve learned I’m not alone. In a world of picture perfect social media, can we all ever just be good enough?

A Woman in _______

Despite being a proud woman in tech, I’m sick of having to identify as one. In the world of post #MeToo, why do we need to identify as a woman in blank. Can we move beyond being women in blank to simply working in a specific industry?

Finding Your Niche

Finding where I belong in the working world has been something that I’ve struggled with. From being bored at work to having jobs that literally defined me. Finding my niche has been difficult but I’ve learned a lot along the way.